My Corner Symmetry series takes the ideas fromĀ Urban Symmetry, and brings them one step forward. The buildings taken out of their usual environments return, but this time in a much more dynamic and lively form. Staticness is taken over by movement, and the boundary of reflections is sharper and more pronounced thanks to the corners.
In the new series, buildings keep more of their surroundings with them, so the illusion becomes even more realistic: however, no matter which side of these familiar looking buildings do we start our inspection first, we will always end up on the same points.
The homogene sky with beautiful colors is still one of the trademarks of these photographs, which invite their viewers to a new surrealistic journey to the beautiful buildings of Budapest.
Thank you for watching!


The photographs of our Corner Symmetry series are taking inspiration from the unique shapes of Budapest: built from the elements of real-life architecture, these exciting imaginary buildings lead the viewers to an alternative reality. Either display them as standalone pieces, or install them as a series, these artworks can become outstanding elements of any modern space.

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