In this series I’ve visited another key element of Budapest which we see every day, but only few know about its secrets. My choice this time fell to the Parliament, which is already an imposing architectural work just from the outside, but its inner spaces display even more extraordinary details.
The brilliant design and the quality of the materials provide a solemn and elegant, captivating look for the photographs. With the help of these pictures every tiny corner can be explored, examined endlessly, so I’ve opened a new “window” for my audience to discover the hidden symmetries of the capital city.
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As we learned from the artist, he sees his works as “windows” that open the hidden symmetries of the capital to the viewers. Looking back at the untouched, solemn atmosphere of photographs, we really have the feeling of looking 
into some sort of secret world.

These elegant images can become perfect elements of any sophisticated home. It is also important to note that these photographs are recommended to be installed in large sizes to create the unique atmosphere.

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